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Lawn Love connects you with a Aldine lawn care provider based on the services you need and your location. We provide the benefit of having hundreds of lawn pros on our platform to choose from, each with different skills and experience, and all local to Aldine. This helps you, the customer, to be matched with the right person for the yard work you need completed based on expertise and availability. Gone are the days of relying with uncertainty on a friend or neighbor to help with your lawn.

Depending on the availability of the lawn pros in Aldine, we can generally get your job scheduled in as quickly as 2 days. You’ll be notified as soon as a provider picks up your job and it will be added to their schedule, without you needing to do anything else!

The best thing is you don’t need to change your plans to accommodate for your lawn pro’s services. Everything from booking to payment is handled online, so you don’t need to be home when the service is completed. If you have a gate code or special instructions, include that information during or after the quote process and the message will be relayed to the pro.

Occasionally you may experience rescheduled jobs. If your job needs to be rescheduled, it will be opened back up for pros who have the first availability to accept it. You’ll be notified with the new date and time once it’s confirmed.

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You probably spend more time than you care to admit on the road between Aldine and Houston. Let's face it, commuting isn't exactly glamorous, but it gets the job done - or allows you to. That's why in your free time it's important to be able to unwind, relax and spend time with the important people in your life. The last thing you want to do when you have time to relax is take care of your lawn, which is exactly why Lawn Love is here.

Lawn Love is a fully insured and bonded lawn care service. Our team of skilled and experienced lawn care technicians use the latest advances in lawn care technology to create and maintain a lawn you are proud to come home to. We can take care of all the weeding, seeding, trimming, mowing and clean up while all you have to do is give us a call to get started!

To take advantage of our free, fast and easy two-minute quote, just give us a call today at 281-783-8128 and find out how far a little Lawn Love can go!

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How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Aldine:

How are lawn care prices in Aldine?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Aldine:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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There won't be any rain in Houston today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:49 AM and set at 6:19 PM today in Houston).

Aldine lawn care

It's astonishing that many native residents of the Aldine neighborhood of Houston, Texas, don't know much about their local history and attractions. Originally called Prairie Switch when the first rail connection was built in 1873, Aldine was officially established in 1896.

The area has a population of 14,867 and a population density that's 1,854 percent higher than the Texas average. Anywhere that people congregate in dense numbers has many stories and attractions. About 79 percent of Aldine residents speak Spanish, and only 18 percent speak English. That's why we like to highlight the area's history and attractions for residents to inform them of their local cultural roots or adopted heritage. About 43 percent of Aldine residents were born in other countries, and 5 percent were born in other states.

Knowing Where You Live

We at Lawn Love feel it's imperative to know about where you live, what types of grass and ground cover make the most attractive lawns and how to harmonize or contrast your property with your neighbor's lawns. One interesting rumor describes how Aldine got its name. When early trains stopped for dinner at Aldine's location, the conductor would call out "All Dine." The truth, however, is that the town is named after the Aldine farm family who were instrumental in the town's development.

The Aldine neighborhood is in North Houston in Harris County. The median household income is $34,755, which is 37 percent lower than the U.S. average, but families can still enjoy wonderful local attractions, good education for their children, affordable lawn care services with Lawn Love and a beautiful outdoor environment.

Aldine Attractions

There are many family-friendly attractions in Aldine that include historical landmarks, Rock Hill Presbyterian Church, the General Mercantile Store, and M88 Intermediate Bridge. Local city parks offer all kinds of recreation such as the Slo-Pitch City Softball Field. Children especially will enjoy a trip to the Children's Museum of Houston.

History enthusiasts can visit genuine ghost towns along the 8-mile stretch of FM-1051. The old two-room Aldine school and cemetery are all that remain of the original city. Even the cemetery doesn't give up its secrets easily. Many graves are unmarked, and those that are tend to be illegible. However, the school remains in reasonably good shape.

The greater Houston area offers all the urban attractions, festivals and events of a major metropolis, but we like to highlight the local attractions that residents tend to overlook. Other great attractions in Aldine include:

Drive Through Bars

Drive Through Bars in Aldine include Sassafras, Frio to Go, Daiquiri Shack and Fifty Fifty Acorn Golf & Icehouse.

Tex-Mex Cuisine

Tex-Mex food lovers swear by small local restaurants that are off the beaten path, and Aldine is loaded with great restaurants such as Super Chicken, Gumbo Jeaux's, Jalisco's Mexican Grill, Clio's Restaurant, Taqueria El Dorado, El Vaquero, and Pappasito's Cantina.

Art Galleries and Museums

Aldine features cultural attractions such as the National Museum of Funeral History, Museum of Fine Arts, C2 Art Advisors, Buffalo Soldiers National Museum and Hanh Gallery of flower art.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation venues in and around Aldine include the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens, Candlelight Community Center, Lincoln Community Center, Candlelight Park, Northwest Park Mud, Allen Parkway Dog Park, Jesse H Jones Park & Nature Center, Discovery Green, Tom Wussow Park, and many others.

Balancing Income and Expenses in Aldine

Aldine is a great place to live and raise a family. Close to urban attractions but still having its own unique identity, families can enjoy their heritage in one of the few remaining Texas frontier towns. Although average incomes are lower in Aldine, the cost of living is also lower - 16 percent less expensive than the U.S. average. Knowing your city's past and present is important for determining your own place in the world, and we're happy to share this information as well as our expert advice and services for lawn, yard, and garden care.

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