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Lawn care in Illinois can be a challenge due to the diverse climate. Winters can be below zero, and in the summer the temperature can climb to over 100 degrees. It is also very humid in the summer which can create different types of fungus.

Different Types of Grass

Illinois is limited in the kinds of grass that thrive here. Perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and several types of fescue grass are the most common types that people have in their lawns here. Sometimes there is a combination of these grasses which can lead to clumping. Planting the wrong kind of grass here can lead to a failed lawn.

Wrong Types

Annual ryegrass, Zoysia grass, and Annual bluegrass are types that do poorly in Illinois. Zoysia grass turns brown in Autumn and doesn't regain the green color until Spring arrives. The Annual bluegrass will die in hot and dry times. The ryegrass usually grows for just one season and then needs replanting.

Lawn Problems

Most of these are due to an over amount of moisture or watering at the wrong time. The grass should be watered in the morning, so the sun has a chance to dry it out during the day. Fungus will attack grass that retains too moist.

Native Plants

There is a wide variety of plants that are native to Illinois. They grow good here and are accustomed to the climate. This doesn't mean they will be a good choice for your yard or garden. A lot of these will choke other plants out and take over your yard.

Indian grass, hackberry, green ash, and common sneezeweed are all plants that are native here. Many of these are common weeds that will encroach upon your yard which might need professional help to control them.

Sports in Illinois

Sporting events are massive in Illinois, with Chicago having several different professional sports teams. They have basketball, hockey, football, and two baseball teams. These outdoor fields are typically sodded with Kentucky bluegrass, which is both durable and easy to grow.

Some History

Illinois has had three capitals, with the first being established in 1818 when the state was first formed. Kaskaskia was the start but only lasted two years. The capital was then moved to Vandalia in 1820. In 1839, Springfield became the new capital which still stands today.

The Chicago fire of 1871 destroyed close to 20,000 buildings. A fire was also responsible for the death of close to 600 when the Iroquois Theatre burned in 1903. Illinois was selected to be the home for the first nuclear power plant in the United States in 1957.


Some of the famous places in Illinois include the Chicago water tower, Cloud Gate, and the Adler Planetarium. These are all near Chicago. Closer to the center of the state are the Ayer public library in Tazwell county and the water purification plant in Peoria.

Illinois is almost 400 miles from north to south and just over 200 from east to west. This makes growing plants a big task.


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